Real Estate Trading Services

Looking to buy or sell real estate?  One of my primary focuses is to ensure that my clients are able to realize full value when purchasing a first property, trading up, or buying an investment unit.  I strive to ensure that all possibilities are considered when it comes to current and future planning. 

Presales and Assignments

Buying into a new development/presale can seem intimidating.  The process of securing units and having first VVIP access is the key.  Through years of working with a majority of the developers and marketing companies in the city, I have fostered and nurtured these relationships to allow me to do whatever needs to be done to secure client units.

 An assignment refers to the sale or “assignment” of a purchase contract that is sold to an interested party, from a buyer that may have changed their mind. This is useful for buyers that wish to get into a development that they missed out on at the presale purchase. Assignments are also useful to buyers that have changed their mind and wish to shed or sell their obligation/contract to an interested buyer.

If you have missed out on purchasing into a hot new developments and still want those certain presale units, please contact me

Property Management

Looking to rent out your property and maximize the return on your investment? Finding a credible tenant while minimizing vacancy and promptly handling rent, leases, maintenance and repair issues can be a delicate balance and an intricate process. My ability to build strong relationships and problem solve, provide property owners with comprehensive asset management that serves to protect, maintain and enhance the value of their investments.


Land Assemblies

One area of the commercial real estate sector that we’ve seen a lot about in the last several years is land assemblies.  With continued changes to the official community plans throughout greater Vancouver, developers are contacting homeowners more and more to purchase homes in specific areas of the city subject to increased allowable densities. Having successfully put together several land assemblies, I am confident that I can prepare sellers, buyers, and developers alike for each step they need to achieve their goals.